BAMA Kids, Inc.

(Better Activities Makes All-Around Kids)

What Can You Do?

 Sheryl Threadgill, Director

P. O. Box 212-mailing
2220 Highway 221-physical   
Camden, AL 36726                          



Volunteers are always needed and welcomed. Call 334-682-5925 to find out what you can do.


In-kind donations are needed such as snacks and supplies.


BAMA Kids, Inc. has been designated a 501© 3 organization by The Internal Revenue Service.  Your tax deductible donations can be mailed to P. O. Box 212, Camden, AL


 Organization Information


Headquartered in the Wilcox County seat of Camden, BAMA (Better Activities Make All-Around) Kids, Inc. is a 501 © 3 community-based organization dedicated to the holistic development of youth and their families in Wilcox County. BAMA Kids, Inc. was founded in 1993, to provide structured, positive activities for youth. The catalyst of its founding was the killing of an African American male by a local store owner.  A coalition for youth development was formed in response to this incident.  Volunteers and leaders concluded that the community should take responsibility for its youth, and began to meet on a weekly basis to plan program activities. A comprehensive youth development program evolved from these efforts.  BAMA Kids, Inc. has been sustained for over twenty years, serving thousands of youth and their families and making a significant impact on their lives and the overall development of the Wilcox County community.

Through participation in BAMA Kids’ activities, youth gain skills to ensure educational and life success.  Social, communication, decision-making and conflict resolution skills support sound emotional, reading and critical-thinking skills.  Caring staff, life coaches and mentors serve as positive reinforcement and nurture the youth in this program. At the same time, parents of participants acquire skills that serve to strengthen the family unit. BAMA Kids, Inc. focuses on the children and youth in the family, develops a relationship with them, which then facilitates a rapport with parents who would otherwise be difficult to reach.