BAMA Kids, Inc.

(Better Activities Makes All-Around Kids)

Activity Coordinator

Ms. Jacqueline Hives

"I have been involed with BAMA Kids since it's birth. I think this is one of the most positive organizations we have in Wilcox County. My children, Jacquies(Nikki) and Marques (Ken)were members of BAMA Kids and now my grandson  Marques, Jr.( KJ) is a member of BAMA Kids. Thank God for people like Sheryl and Charles and for those who have and will continue to support what belongs to us! Come and visit. You'll enjoy".

Program Description and Activities

BAMA (Better Activities Make All-Around) Kids, Inc. is a community-based non-profit organization dedicated to the holistic development of youth and their families in Wilcox County. BAMA Kids, Inc. coordinates resources to provide a comprehensive range of activities that serve as alternatives to negative behavior. BAMA Kids, Inc. has been successful in coordinating existing resources, combining varied activities and developing others in order to establish a comprehensive program across the county. Through participation, youth gain educational, social, and communication skills, as well as, information and support to maintain sound physical, emotional and mental health. Caring staff and mentors serve as positive reinforcement and nurture the youth in this program. At the same time, parents of the youth acquire skills that serve to strengthen the family unit. BAMA Kids, Inc. focuses on the children and youth in the family, develops a relationship with them, which then facilitates a rapport with parents who would otherwise be difficult to reach.


The following BAMA Kids, Inc. program components serve to reduce risk factors and build protective factors to encourage an environment of resiliency, family and community support:

  • After school Tutoring, Recreation and Life Skills –Mondays through Thursdays-3:30-5:30-Wilcox Resource Center. Homework assistance, Academic enhancement and life skills
  • Summer Enrichment Program -1st week in June through the 2nd week of July. Focuses on academic readiness and cultural arts.
  • Mentoring -Mentoring is provided for youth who are victims of child abuse and neglect, at-risk of school failure, and otherwise at-risk.
  • Leadership Development -This phase of programming, known as Positive Pathways, has as its goal to build community -focused leaders. BAMA Kids are eligible to move into the leadership component once they reach 12 years of age. Leadership activities include leadership training; service learning and affecting needed changes in their schools and community while building community attachment.
  • Parenting - BAMA Kids is not only fully committed to the development of youth, but finding innovative ways to support the entire family. Parent education and family advocacy.
  • Special Events-BAMA Kids, Inc has become increasingly well known throughout the region for its special events that bring the Wilcox Community together:
  1. The Black History Extravaganza and Soul Food Taste is held each 4th Sunday in February.
  2. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Symposium is held at the local high school each year.
  3. The CHOICES program takes place during spring break of each year, and focuses on decision-making.